Friday, February 13, 2009

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Greetings! I am someone of none importance and only made this thing to help me keep track of my thoughts and ideas for the projects I plan to begin shortly, most related to Linden Lab's Second Life virtual world. If you plan to read my incoherrent mumblings then feel free to do so. Hey even leave a comment if you want! I don't care if all you have to say is the N word repeatedly, at least someone's giving me attention. :P

Now why would I choose a platform such as Second Life you may be asking? Simple answer being, it's the only thing I'm useful in! Ha, I'm way behind on the serious programmer route I had planned to walk years ago, and I am even having reoccuring second thoughts. Programming in languages like C or Java just isn't as much fun for me as PHP or scripting languages. It's a matter of ability and dedication, which I lack both. Creating mathematical formulas ain't my thing for starters, and reading literally buttloads of API documentations is the last thing I want to do. But worst of all, working with polymorphism techniques sometimes just turns my brain into tar. Not sure how open source developers do it. They must get a rush from it or something. :(

Anyway back on to the question. Second Life uses a scripting language called LSL(Linden Scripting Language) and it is fairly easy to learn. There are so many things you can do to bring life to the virtual world using it that it has become a high-demanding job for in world entrepreneurs. I would even go as far as to say that LSL is probably the most complex thing about Second Life itself. I've been interested in it since I've joined the platform back in 2006 and I've made a lot of useless junk. My most famed accomplishment was my take on Second Life gun scripts. I've focused more-so on making the scripts low lag and with a fast ROF(rate of fire). They weren't the best out there, but those scripts were amongst the same range of quality as other famous and EXPENSIVE scripts on the grid. Price never matters much to me, not unless it involves someone snooping around my code who I don't want to be snooping around my code.


Well, Now that the new year has taken off, my hobbie as a scripter has evolved to the point where I feel the only road left to take is the one that leads me out of my comfort zone. I won't get any better until I explore new areas and maybe even outside into the vast realm of the open sourced client.

That is all for now, as it is 4:24AM AST and I could use some rest. Next post will talk about ideas for an almost fully-funtional interpreter written entirely in LSL.


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