Thursday, April 16, 2009

XRumer 5.0 Palladium

Ha, came across someone using this spambot on a forum. There are going to be so many people annoyed by it since it's apparently a very smart spambot that can get around captchas and email validation. It even uses proxies. I'm very determined to download the trial and fuck around with it. The full version is over $500 bucks, and you only get to use the service for 3 months before you have to pay $100 a year! Haha whoever made this might rake in some serious cash, because this will catch the interests of a lot of e-business owners in no time.

I'm most curious about how the hacking community will treat/mod this tool. We could be seeing an assortment of spambots like this in the future, which would cry for harsher security measures. I predict that in a few years some organizations will be merging advanced AI technologies into these bots and make them virtually impossible to tell apart from real accounts. Oh ho, porn spammers will be pollutting every public chat sites by the dozens. This is just the beginning, I hope someone comes up with a method of dealing with such a castrophe if it ever happens. Turning off account registrations everywhere would suck. :\

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