Saturday, February 28, 2009

[PROJECT AURORA] Announcement

Another project idea popped into my head today after fooling around with my router (forgot my password and had to hard reset it :\). It's a nice feeling owning and having total control over your own network, so yeah you try and tend to it once in a while to make it perform optimal. Not before long the Metroid Prime 3 references started pouring into my head much like with anything else computer related I do. Some people like to...hmm, how should I put it? Fantasize about their systems? I'm not talking sexually, but no doubt there are some crazies out there too...

Computer machines and software have been a major part in science fiction multimedia plots, and although not accurately depicted all of the time (*coughCSIcough*) it just looks plain awesome! One of my favorite type of scenes are when a person is at a computer screen, presented with a UNIX-looking type command prompt, and they would just start hammering in commands off heart that do something cool like hack into the system, unlock doors, initialize a system lockdown, control docking bays, fire external weapons at target(s), upload coordinates to a pilot, etc.

Another favorite of mine would be terminals used to interact with certain systems, such as the Aurora Units in Metroid Prime 3. :)
Now if you've never played the game and are wondering what the heck an Aurora Unit is, then allow me to explain. It's one of many sophisticated organic supercomputers originally used for scientific purposes, but later became widely used for government, business and military roles.

A vast network links all existing Auroras, allowing them to access a tremendous database without peer. - [source:]

So yeah I've got some thoughts and fantasies right now for LSL, but pulling out a project this huge could take over a year. I'll probably need some help from more mathematically evolved people but time for worrying about that is no where near.

If you haven't guessed, my network is now uh-hum... Aurora themed. :P

Don't worry about the interpreter, I haven't forgotten about it. Just finishing one of my other projects before I even touch it.

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